Top Five Audi Super Bowl Commercials Ranked

For the past few years, Audi has been putting out some really great commercials during the Super Bowl. We’ve actually come to expect really good ads from Audi’s marketing department during America’s biggest game. This year, while we had already seen Audi’s new commercial, waiting for it was the night’s saving grace. Typically, as a die-hard NFL fan, I hate when people say “I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials”. However, I couldn’t blame them during this year’s game. Watching Tom Brady throw three-yard outs all game, constant cuts to Todd Gurley on the sideline and seeing a 3-3 score until late in the fourth quarter was excruciating. So the commercials really were the best part.

This year’s Audi commercial was also quite good and was probably the best car commercial of the night. However, Audi has had some great ones over the past few years that have been even better. So let’s take a look at which ones are the best and where this new one ranks.

5: Vampire Party

This one came out in 2012, when the Twilight films were still quite popular, so the vampire theme is understandable. It starts off very corny, though, with a bunch of vampires having a campfire party. While they’re partying and having fun, another vampire is on his way to the party in his Audi A7, with a box of Type O blood for them all to drink (alcoholic Type O?). When he gets there, his LED headlights start frying all the vampires and it’s actually pretty funny.

4: The Chase

This is another movie-inspired one. “The Chase” came out in 2009, just one year following Transporter 3, featuring Jason Statham. Known as a fan of German cars, Statham is perfectly at home in a car commercial featuring some awesome German metal. The commercial jumps through the decades, showing Statham using different era German cars to escape baddies. For the ’70s, he uses a W108 Mercedes-Benz, an E28 BMW 5 Series for the ’80s, he looks at a Lexus ES and laughs in the ’90s and then for the ’00s, he drives an Audi A6. It’s clever and funny and takes shots at Audi’s rivals in a lighthearted way.

3: Prom (Tradition)

This is one of my personal favorite car commercials. For the Super Bowl in 2013, we see a young man getting ready for prom night and his mom tying his bow tie, reassuring him that a lot of kids go alone these days. Ouch. Then his dad flips him the keys to his Audi S6 and lets him drive himself to prom in it. On his way over in the S6, a limo pulls up alongside with seemingly drunk teenagers yelling prom at him. He takes off, leaving the limo behind, with some newfound confidence thanks to the S6. He then walks into the school, into the gymnasium where everyone is dancing and right up to his crush who’s seemingly just won Prom Queen and kisses her. The Prom King and his buds aren’t pleased with this so they come after him. It then cuts to him in the S6 with a black eye and a huge smile. It’s funny and always it’s easy to relate to the little guy finally getting his chance. Stay for very end for another little funny bit.

2: Daughter

Sometimes commercials are designed to make you laugh, some are designed to touch your heart. This is the latter. Audi’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial “Daughter” actually caused some controversy because apparently people felt it was pushing a political agenda. Either way, it’s a great commercial and one that does make a statement about gender equality, perception and stigmas. It shows a young girl box-kart racing with boys, with her father talking voiceover about what he’s supposed to tell his daughter as she gets older about why society often values men over women. It’s a touching speech, especially as you hear it while she’s kicking ass on the road. There was a lot of controversy immediately following this ad but we applaud Audi for making it. Also, it’s just a great commercial.

1: Starman

C’mon, was it really going to be anything else? In 2016, Audi released its Starman commercial during the Super Bowl and it’s still my absolute favorite car commercial of all time. It shows a man stopping by to see his father, a retired astronaut who seems to be missing the excitement in his life that he knew as a younger man in the space program. So to give his father some of that spark back, he puts him behind the wheel of an Audi R8 V10 Plus and the ensuing scene of the retired astronaut, a flipping American hero, tearing up some empty roads in an R8 is awesome. Also, we get to hear David Bowie’s “Starman” in the background. It’s awesome, hits you right in the feels and shows off an Audi R8 V10 Plus. How can that not be number one?

Nico DeMattia

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