This is the Audi R18 LMP1 Race Car

Audi recently released the juicy details on its latest R18 LMP1 race car, the car that Audi hopes will continue its dominance at Le Mans, and it looks very good.

Audi R18

While the new R18 isn’t the prettiest of race cars, it’s certainly cool looking and has some very aggressive body work. The rear wing is a little less massive than it was before, to reduce drag and increase top speed. To replace the aerodynamics of the larger wing, Audi fitted Venturi tunnels which channel air, keeping the car planted.

Audi also did quite an extensive amount of work to the bi-turbo V6 diesel engine and electric motor and battery. The improvements Audi made increase both performance and efficiency, much like its road cars and you can bet that on future Audi vehicles, there will be mention of the technology shared with the R18. Aside from that, though, Audi decided against revealing much of the specs and info on the R18. Maybe the folks in Ingolstadt want to keep their Le Mans competitors guessing.

Audi R18

The new Audi R18 LMP1 looks very good and seems to have some genuinely clever tech. Hopefully, it’s enough to put Audi back on the podium at Le Mans.

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