This barebones Audi A1 is kind of sad

When Audi revealed the brand-new 2019 A1, the enthusiast world was almost shocked. The new Audi A1 is surprisingly awesome for the brand’s cheapest car and it packs more luxury and technology than anything else in the segment. That is, unless you you get this barebones, stripped-out version.

There are a lot of cars that come in really basic, barebones spec, whether to be sold as fleet cars or rental cars or just really cheap alternatives. However, it’s not often you see any from premium brands like Audi. This new Audi A1, though, has a stripper version and it’s surprisingly sad.

At first glance, it’s not so bad. Sure, it has tiny black steel wheels with really plain hubcaps. And sure, its headlights look like they could be from a Volkswagen Up!. That’s fine, it’s supposed to be a cheap version. It still has a decently sporty looking body and still looks pretty good.

On the inside, though, and under the hood, it starts to get really sad. Powering the base-model Audi A1 is a lowly 1.0 liter, 116-hp turbocharged three-cylinder with a six-speed manual. It’s also only front-wheel drive, lacks a radio and any sort of speakers altogether and replaces it with a little cubby. That’s kind of nice, though, right?

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Admittedly, it does have power windows and locks and even still seems to have Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, which is silly, because you have to upgrade an Audi A4 that costs double this A1 to get Virtual Cockpit.

The worst part about it all? It costs 21,700-Euros, which roughly equates to $25,000 USD. For that money, you can get a well-equipped Volkswagen Golf or even an Up!. So this super stripped-out Audi A1 seems completely useless. And sad.

Nico DeMattia

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