This Awesome Italdesign Aztec is powered by an Audi Five-Cylinder

Possibly my favorite automotive designer of all time is Giorgetto Giugiaro. He famously penned some of the most beautiful cars ever made, such as the short-wheelbase Ferrari 250 GT, Lotus Esprit, BMW M1 and even the humble Volkswagen Scirocco and Audi 80. However, he also designed some rare and unheard of concept cars, such as the Italdesign Aztec, which was powered by an Audi engine and one is currently up for sale.


The Italdesign Aztec is an obscure and unknown concept car, featuring a unique and futuristic (for 1988) design with a dual-canopy passenger compartment. The Aztec is a two-seater but the passengers are separated with their own canopies and can communicate electronically, as it likely gets quite loud sans roof.

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But the interesting part is that it’s powered by a 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-five-cylinder engine from Audi, similar to the one used in the Audi Quattro. While the body panels on the side claim that it makes 250 hp, that’s metric horsepower and the real figure is around 247 hp. Still, that’s not too shabby for a most aluminum car.

Italdesign Aztec — Photo Source: Italdesign


That little Audi-sourced turbo-five sends power through a five-speed manual gearbox to a Lancia Delta Integrale-sourced all-wheel drive system. It also had pop-up headlights and a passenger-side computer that display all sorts of mechanical and electronic information about the car. The late ’80s were obsessed with seeming high-tech and digital, so Giugiaro went a bit wild with it.

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The funky Italdesign Aztec is one of the cooler concept cars in history and the fact that you can actually buy and drive something that’s so odd and unique is incredible. All you need is money and this very fine example can be yours. The price isn’t listed, as it’s a price-on-request, but as the saying goes; if you have to ask… you can’t afford it.


[Source: Auto Sport Designs]
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