This Audi SQ2 Gets a Healthy Horsepower Boost from McChip

The Audi SQ2 is a bit of a forgotten car among most Audi enthusiast. It’s not necessarily a bad car but it never lived up to its sharp design or sporty hype. It sort of just feels like an Audi S3 but with a worse center of gravity and, now, outdated technology. However, for you Audi SQ2 owners, you can add a bit more power to help it keep up with its newer siblings.


This new tune from McChip-DKR boosts power from 300 PS (296 horsepower) to 350 PS (345 horsepower). That might not seem like a huge boost but it’s more than enough to notice a difference in punch and overall acceleration. Torque is also up from 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) to 440 Nm (324 lb-ft), which will help give the SQ2 a bit extra oomph off the line.

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From the factory, the Audi SQ2 is capable of 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds, which is about as quick as a Volkswagen Golf R or Audi S3. While McChip didn’t provide any 0-60 mph figures for the tuned SQ2, it could shave a tenth or two off that time. Though, don’t expect any massive performance gains. This sort of extra power is more about making the car feel punchier and sportier and it should do just that.


If you have an Audi SQ2 and want this tune, it will set you back about €1,200, which doesn’t make it cheap. Especially when you consider that the Audi SQ2 is already a surprisingly pricey car, starting at €45,700 in Germany. While this chip will help make any current SQ2s feel better than before, you’re probably better off skipping the SQ2 entirely and going for either an Audi S3 or a Volkswagen Golf R and tuning one of those, instead. Not only will they be quicker, they’ll be more fun to drive, and even hold their value better.

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