This Audi R8 Replica is Made from a Toyota MR2

I always find replica cars hilarious. They always look like those novelty computer mice versions of cars and the thinking behind them is always curious to me. The person driving the car knows it’s not the car they’re replicating. So why try and replicate it? Is it a lie, a ruse to attempt to trick people or is it just for fun? I guess I’ll never know. Either way, this Audi R8 replica currently for sale in Florida is actually made from a 1993 Toyota MR2.


This car gets even odder still. It’s actually a right-hand drive example, as it was originally from the UK and then imported to the US. The seller shows the R8 conversion kit ad in a magazine in the listing photos, so they aren’t trying to hide it at all.

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There is actually one similarity between the Audi R8 and the Toyota MR2 — both are mid-engine sports cars. Of course, the MR2 has a four-cylinder engine and a manual transmission, while the Audi R8 this car is copying is supposed to have a V10 engine.


While I’m personally of the belief that all car enthusiasm is cool and try to be as inclusive as possible, this is a bit cringe. The worst part about it is that the Toyota MR2 is a great car in its own right. Being a 1993 model means it was part of the second-gen MR2 Coupes, which were awesome and still very cool today. They’re mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, manual sports cars that are quick enough, fun to drive, built with Toyota’s bulletproof reliability, and they even look cool. There’s no reason to convert one into an R8 aside from trying to make unknowing friends think you’re wealthier than you are. There’s no shame in owning an MR2. Hell, I’d buy one today if I could find one for a reasonable price. But an M2 converted to look like an Audi R8? Not great.

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[Source: eBay]
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