This Audi Q8 by Lumma Design is, well, interesting

As far as SUVs go, the Audi Q8 is about as outlandish as you can ask for. It’s massive size, squared shoulders and angry face are sure to make an impression. In fact, our black-on-black-on-black Audi Q8 press car turned more heads than our bright red Audi S5. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it sure stands out. So what it doesn’t need is more presence. The people over at Lumma Design disagree, apparently.

The German tuners decided that the Audi Q8 just wasn’t flashy enough and decided crank it up to eleven. What they created is called the Lumma CLR 8S, for some reason, and it’s, umm, interesting. Its new body kit adds boxy designs and shapes everywhere, along with some needless vents on the fenders and some red bits of trim. It also gets a massive boxy hood scoop, that likely does nothing except make the driver feel… endowed while driving it.

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It also gets 24-inch wheels, which are simply enormous, two rear spoilers and by far the most egregious offense of the car — fake quad exhausts. The standard Audi Q8 comes with fake exhaust tips and it’s almost inexcusable. But Lumma Design decided to add quad exhaust tips, which would be awesome except for the fact that they’re also fake. It’s baffling and upsetting.

Personally, I like my cars tastefully and subtly modded but I have no problem appreciating a more wild build here and there, so long as it’s not just nonsense. This Lumma Design Audi Q8 is just madness for the sake of madness and it just isn’t good looking, unfortunately. To be honest, I was actually okay with it at first, as the Q8 is sort of supposed to be outlandish so who cares if someone makes it more so. It was those fake quad exhausts that got me. I can’t unsee them and I can’t forget about them. They’re seared into my brain and now I have a headache.

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