This 2002 Audi TT ALMS Edition deserves your attention

When the first-gen Audi TT first debuted, it was thought to be a hairdresser’s car, the sort of car that’s pretty but lacks driving substance. While its driving dynamics still leave a lot to be desired, all these years later, its design has become so iconic that its lack of driving enthusiasm can be overlooked. Plus, it has a great modding community and is becoming more and more desirable. Which is why this 2002 Audi TT ALMS Commemorative Edition on Bring-A-Trailer deserves your attention.

Back in 2002, the Audi TT ALMS was created to pay tribute to the the brand’s American Le Mans Series championships and it was honestly the best iteration of the first-gen TT. It was, in a way, the enthusiast’s spec of the car, it was the best combination of speed, handling and performance.

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The Audi TT ALMS comes with a 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder that’s been given enough turbo-boost to make 225 hp over the standard car’s 178 hp. It also got a six-speed manual gearbox and Quattro (Haldex) all-wheel drive. That was the best combination of equipment at the time, as the 225 hp version of the four-pot engine was almost as powerful as the 3.2 liter V6 option but with less weight over the nose. So it handled better than the V6 while also being almost as quick.

Plus, the TT ALMS came with great 18-inch wheels from the Audi RS6 and Audi A4 USP at the time and the it came in two color schemes; one of which being Avus Silver over Red interior and the other being Misano Red with a two-tone silver/black interior. This specific car is of the latter color combo and it looks fantastic. It also only has 68,000 miles on it and seems to be in perfect condition.

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It’s a really cool car that is going to be highly desirable in the future. We don’t know if the first-gen Audi TT will appreciate in value any time soon and we honestly doubt it but if it does this ALMS edition will be worth more than most. With only 1,000 models ever made, it’s a rare little sports car and one that will be a ton of fun for the next few years.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]
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