Third Audi e-tron model teased for Super Bowl TV Spot

Audi has been revealing electric cars at a furious pace lately. First, it was the Audi e-tron SUV in September, followed by the reveal of the Audi e-tron GT a the LA Auto Show just a couple of months later. Now, Audi is teasing yet another e-tron model for its upcoming Super Bowl TV spot.

In a recent Tweet, Audi teases a photo of three e-tron models side-by-side, with the e-tron SUV in the middle, the e-tron GT to its left and an unnamed model to its right. The latter seems to have a similar face to the e-tron GT but it seems to be an SUV even larger than the original e-tron SUV.

This third Audi e-tron model looks to be something Q7-sized; with a taller hood and wider body than both of the other two cars pictured. It also seems to get new headlights and a unique grille that sports an illuminated Four-Rings emblem. I think we can spot some additional rows of LED lights, with one row above the headlight and three below it. Though, it’s hard to make out many more details than that, as the car is sort of hiding in the shadows.

According to the Audi, these three cars will be part of a 60-second TV spot in the second quarter of the Super Bowl. “We’re returning to the biggest advertising stage to let America know that electric has gone Audi,” said Loren Angelo, vice president, Marketing, Audi of America. “Last fall, Audi introduced its first all-electric production e-tron SUV followed by the e-tron GT concept debut at the LA Auto Show, signaling an aggressive push into electrification. The big game is a perfect platform to continue the momentum.”

We don’t know if this new Audi e-tron model will actually be revealed during this TV spot but we wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t. It will likely just be teased a bit more, showing that the brand has a third fully-electric car in the pipeline. Still, we can’t wait to see what Audi has in store for us during the Super Bowl and to find out what sort of electric car this newcomer might be.

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