The New A8 Teases with New Eyes

Are you ready to see the new Audi A8 on its newest D4 platform? We know we are!

So far, these are likely the first shots that have come from Audi to tease fans before the new A8 is unveiled – likely at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. What we see here is the nose of the biggest Audi sedan sporting the now-trademark LEDs operating as the car’s day-time running lights. We also spot the now, standard large, shield-shaped grill that is an integral part of the Audi DNA.


Other items notable in the picture are the much sharper cut lines, different from the curvy D3 A8 that will go the way of the do-do this fall just before the D4 comes out. It’s anticipated that, like the current A8, there will be a variety of engines to accompany the new model. A 4.2L V8 is expected to be dropped into the D4 platform like the current A8 along with an S8 making its way back to the line-up, possibly with a detuned Gallardo V10, similar to the current S8. GermanCarFans predicts that the S8 could have upwards of 600 horsepower.

Watch this space for more at it becomes available. As we noted, we expect that the A8 should debut sometime this Fall, likely at Frankfurt before the new super saloon goes on sale in early 2010.

(Source: Jalopnik)