The Legend: The Audi quattro

Many companies have that quintessential car that defined their brand as it burned an image of a company at it’s peak into the minds of millions. BMW had the 2002tii which put it on the map. Mercedes had the SL which is one of the most recognizable sports cars of all time, Porsche has the ubiquitous 911.

For Audi, their definitive car is the Audi quattro coupe – a quirky looking 2-door that forever changed the face of rallying forever and made Audi a household name in the early 1980’s. The quattro was launched in the Group B in the WRC  as one of the first cars to feature permanent all-wheel-drive(hence quattro for 4WD) and came with huge success within the Group B series – and how couldn’t it be at the hands of Walter Rohrl?


After Group B was altered by rule changes and Audi decided not to pursue the change in regulations, the quattro was entered in the Pike’s Peak Hillclimb with staggering success, which then continued over the next few years, further cementing Audi’s reputation around the world as a the king of all-wheel-drive, but this time in the U.S. The quattro was a revolutionary car both on the road and off and a car Audi can credit for it’s heritage in 4WD to.

I’ve included a video below of the quattro S1 under the will of Herr Walter Rohrl but if you want to found out much more about the Audi quattro then surf over to The Cartorialist to read up on there review of the ultra rare Audi Sport Quattro.

Please ignore the music in this video – I had no control in that!