The Hits Keep On Coming – 2 More S4 Reviews Roll In

So far, we imagine Audi must be very pleased with the progress they’ve made to date with the 2010 S4. After all, it has received rave reviews for both the sedan and the Avant wagon overseas gaining serious traction as a car that has very much moved the goal post from the previous generation B7 S4. While managing to be more efficient that the last generation S4, the B8 is also much more technically proficient as well – and is it over the competition?


With the new limited slip differential, double clutch transmission and ADS suspension system, it seems that Audi is winning hearts and minds of journalists and fans alike. Why does the car garner so much love? Simple, Audi has managed to dial out most of the understeer and inefficiencies of previous models and dial back in the fun factor and driver involvement, as can be seen from both of these reviews below:

Autoblog Reviews 2010 S4

Evo Compares S4 to the 335i and Evolution X

Both reviews hit on the significant pros of the B8 S4 as it transitions to its new segment as more of a sporting luxury car that battles with the likes of the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class and Lexus IS, leaving the RS4/5 to battle AMG’s, M cars and -F…cars, I guess that’s what you call the sporty Lexi? Anyway, some of the wonderful features of the car that both reviews hit on are what we’d come to expect from Audi: a stunning interior for the pricing point, excellent and competent manual and automatic transmissions compared to the BMW’s manual or automatic, a great all-wheel-drive system with a wonderful rear-biased torque split and, of course, the option every S4 should come with: the all-new limited slip differential giving it incredible grip out of the twisties.


What’s most interesting about the reviews is the one focusing around the S4 and how it stacks up with the king of the hill, the BMW 335i and the relative new kid on the block, the Mitsubishi Evo X. In examining these cars they all end up being within a very close pricing range, all with 4 doors and all at or just over the magic 300HP figure – and all with forced induction engines. Within this segment, the BMW has been the king of the near luxury sport segment for decades and has yet to be challenged in terms of out and out performance bang for the buck. However, the S4 finally challenges this notion with it’s incredible handling, potent, supercharged engine and complete lack of understeer – actually the new S4 brings oversteer to the table as a first for this range. However, how does it stack up against the Evo X? The Evo X does offer a dual clutch transmission like the Audi along with all-wheel-drive that has continually been refined across the Evo’s progressive models. Does the Evo X belong in this range in the first place?  Do you think the BMW 335i has finally met its match in the 2010 S4? Follow the links to find out!

(Source: Autoblog and Evo Magazine)