The Audi TT RS is the forgotten casualty of the TT dying

Ever since learning that the Audi TT as we know it will cease to be after this generation, fans of the four-ringed brand have been quite sentimental about it. Fans are sad to see the demise of Audi’s smallest sports car and with good reason; the TT is a fun-to-drive little car. However, there’s a bit of a forgotten casualty of the TT’s impending doom — the Audi TT RS.


The current Audi TT RS is one of the brand’s coolest and most exciting cars. With its 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder, making 400 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque, the TT RS is a little rocket ship. More important than that, the TT RS is a thrill to drive, thanks in no small part due to its exciting  engine and exhaust noise.

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It, too, will go the way of the dodo in a few show years and its inevitable demise is the most sad because it won’t be coming back. The standard Audi TT is most likely coming back as an electric car in a few years. Rather than have  small, internal-combustion sports car that doesn’t sell, Audi can use an all-electric TT to show off what the brand can do with EV power. So while that likely won’t sell too well, either, it will act like a flagship of sorts.


However, it’s doubtful that, if the TT does return as an EV, an RS version would be made. And even if a sportier version is made in the future, it will lack the very thing that makes the current Audi TT RS so good — its engine.

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The aforementioned 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine is the absolute best part of the TT RS and the reason why it’s so beloved. So removing it, even for powerful electric motors, takes away the very thing that makes it so special. Sure, future performance electric coupes can easily be even faster and more capable than the current TT RS but they’ll lack the character of the car we love so much.


To be honest, we’re excited about the prospect of an all-electric Audi TT. Give us all the electric sport coupes and convertibles. However, the loss of the current Audi TT RS is a bit upsetting. It’s the forgotten casualty of the TT as we know it being put out to pasture.

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