The Audi e-tron is Norway’s Most Popular EV for 2020

For years, Norway has been the EV capital of the world. No country is friendlier to EVs, nor are EVs as popular in any other country. So when an electric car becomes popular in Norway, it’s time to take notice. For many years, Tesla has been the king of Norway’s EV market. Now, though, many Norwegian customers are jumping ship to other European brands and the Audi e-tron has been the country’s best seller so far in 2020.


According to this new report from Clean Technica, the Audi e-tron has had about 70-percent of the electric market share in Norway this year. Between January and April 2020, Audi has sold 4,586 e-tron models in Norway, almost double the second most sold EV, the Volkswagen e-Golf. In April alone, 832 e-trons found homes.

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To be honest, it’s a bit shocking to see the Audi e-tron as the highest-selling EV in any country, as it’s just too expensive to typically be a best-seller. However, Norway is a wealthy country with a huge population of successful, educated customers. So the e-tron actually makes a lot of sense there.

Additionally, Norway also has some rough terrain and a very rough winter climate, so having an EV that can tackle all of that is likely extremely desirable. The Audi e-tron, with its advanced electric Quattro all-wheel drive system, is actually surprisingly good when the pavement disappears. In snow, it’s actually superior to its traditional Quattro-equipped siblings, as there are no mechanical limitations, outside of tires, to how much grip it can provide.

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It’s nice to see the Audi e-tron getting some love, as its reception hasn’t been as warm as Audi would have liked, right out of the gate. Its relative lack of range, compared to cars like the Tesla Model X, make it an easy target for naysayers. However, if EV-loving Norway seems to like it, it must be good


[Source: Clean Technica]
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