The Audi A2 has the funkiest hood we’ve ever seen

Personally, I’ve long loved the Audi A2 from afar. It was never sold here in the US but it’s such a quirky little, fun-loving car that I’ve wanted one ever since I first saw it. It’s hilarious and silly and odd and wonderful. It was also quite revolutionary, to be honest, because it was really the first, true premium supermini. However, it has one feature that’s just so odd that it’s fantastic and that’s the way its hood opens. Or doesn’t open.

This video from JayEmm on Cars¬†shows off just how you open the hood on an Audi A2 and it makes me wish more cars had creative little touches like this. First, you pop the hood latch inside the driver’s side footwell, like normal. Then, you go around to the hood. But instead of actually opening the hood, you actually drop just the grille down, which acts as a sort of service hatch. Behind the grille, you’ll find the dipstick and a few pop-out fillers for things like washer fluid and motor oil, which is genius.

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Once the little service hatch is open, you can turn two little knobs on either side of it, which release the actual hood, and the entire hood comes off of the car. Like an old race car with hood pins, it just lifts right off. To put it back on, you simply lay the hood back in place, push the knobs back in and twist them. It’s quite simple actually. And because the hood is ultra lightweight aluminum — for fuel efficiency — it’s actually quite easy to do.

I love seeing odd details like this on cars. Modern cars are so devoid of odd features because they’re all so regulated and similar. So seeing weird designs or ideas is so fun and they give cars so much character. We wish the Audi A2 was sold here just for its odd features alone.

Nico DeMattia

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