The ABT Schaeffler Electric Audi RS3 can to perfect, standstill donuts

We’ve already seen quite a bit of the all-electric Audi RS3 Sedan project from ABT and Schaeffler. It’s essentially a 1,200 hp, all-electric RS3 racecar, with a stripped-out cabin and a full roll cage. Oh, and tons and tons of electric rage. It’s so fast that it embarrassed the Porsche 911 GT2 RS in a straight line. That Porsche is the current production car lap record holder at the Nurburgring, by the way. Now, we’re learning that the electric RS3 can do perfect, standstill donuts and it’s awesome.

Motoring journalist Dan Prosser was recently at a Schaeffler event and tweeted a short clip of the electric Audi RS3 showing off its donut skills a bit.

How can the electric Audi RS3 do such seemingly impossible things? Well, it’s all in how the electric motors are implemented. It packs four electric motors, with one driving each wheel via spur gears. The two electric motors at the front and the two at the rear each share a gearbox housing, creating an electric twin-axle. That allows the left wheels to spin forward while the right wheels to spin backward, making the RS3 spin in a perfect, standstill circle. It’s like magic.

This video is short but awesome and it proves that performance cars don’t have to get all serious and planet-saving once they switch to electric. In fact, cars can get even wilder, even crazier and even more hilarious once they make the electric switch, as it’s easier to get lunatic performance figures and perfect torque-vectoring, the latter seen here.

We’ve seen Daniel Abt flog this electric Audi RS3 a few times before, even unofficially breaking the world record reverse speed, but this is probably the coolest thing we’ve seen it do. Imagine doing something like this in a road car? That would be amazing.

Nico DeMattia

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