Tesla Model 3 teased before its official debut

Tesla has been talking about its upcoming vehicle, the Model 3, for what seems like years now. The Model 3 will be a pure EV sized and priced similarly to the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. No official word on how far of a range the Model 3 will have or how much power, but Tesla does claim that it will compete in the same segment as the Audi A4.

Tesla teased its latest vehicle with an image of three cars side by side, a Model S, Model X and something smaller that is blacked out and can’t be seen. In just the silhouette that we see, it looks to be just a shrunken Model S, which is likely what it will look like anyway as the Model X looks like a Model S that was stung by a bunch of bees. However, this could just be how it looks in a blacked out silhouette and it could look quite different from the Model S. Doubtful, though.

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Pricing for the Model 3 will start at around $35,000 before any government incentives, which could bring it own under $35,000 for customers in qualifying states. The Model 3 will be smaller, lighter and less equipped than a Model S, but is said to be competitive in its segment. Tesla claims that its official debut will be on March 31, but is still pondering whether or not it will reveal everything. It’s possible that Tesla could intentionally save some info for later on. The public will be able to view the debut on Tesla.com.

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