Tesla down, Audi up in Consumer Reports’ reliability

When Consumer Reports first tested the Tesla Model S, the Silicon Valley Wundercar received the highest grade ever from CR. CR claimed the Model S to be so fantastic that it was deserving of a rating CR had never given out before. However, that rating doesn’t include reliability.

Tesla Model S P85D
Tesla Model S P85D

Over the years, CR has been gathering reports of over 1,400 Model S owners and received an overwhelming amount of complaints and reliability issues. The reliability with the battery and electric motor aren’t the issue, as those have been fine. But issues with creaking, strange squeaks and rattles and leaks in the seals and sunroof have all been surfacing. Because of these issues, Tesla’s Model S has lost its Consumer Reports Recommended Rating.

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It’s understandable that a small and relatively new automaker would have some reliability issues with its early models. Tesla doesn’t have anywhere near the budget for quality control that larger luxury manufacturers have, so early issues are going to arise. However, the issues have actually been occurring far more frequently in newer models. 2015 Model S’ have actually faired worse in climate control, steering, and suspension categories than 2014, or older, models. So things are getting worse for a company who could previously do no wrong in the eyes of the media. Tesla’s stock has even plummeted 15 percent since the recent CR report.

However, on the flip side of things, Audi, a brand not known for its reliability, has scored third on its list of reliable brands. Lexus takes the top spot, again, with Toyota in second with Audi coming in third. However, Consumer Reports was hesitant to give the Ingolstadt-based brand such a high score as it was “once synonymous with service problems.”

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So aside from the slight dig by CR, Audi seems to be trending upward, in terms of reliability while everyone’s favorite EV maker, Tesla, is on a downward trend. This is good news for Audi, as it might help people realize that the poor reliability that once plagued the company is now a thing of the past. Hopefully, this helps put aside the distrust in Audi that many people have after its latest scandal. Either way, Audi is up and Tesla is down. For the moment.

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