Tech Crunch shows off the Audi A4’s Driver Assistance technologies

It’s no secret that most of the automotive world is moving toward a more autonomous future. It’s going to continue on this trend until we’re all the fat, floating blobs at the end of WALL-E. But that doesn’t make what Audi is doing any less impressive. Ingolstadt’s new suite of Driver Assistance technologies in the brand new Audi A4 are nothing short of impressive and easily class-leading.

To demonstrate that, Tech Crunch shows what it can do and talks about its various technologies in this new video. While the controls for these systems aren’t the most intuitive, as they’re all operate via one steering wheel stalk behind the turn signal, they’re simple enough that A4 owners can get the hang of it.

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Audi A4

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane-Keep Assist are both available via that stalk. The former allows the driver to engage cruise control and have the car control the speed and adjust, depending on its surroundings. The latter will allow the driver to easily stay in the lane and will assist them if they start to veer out of it.

All of these systems can get a bit confusing, so Audi has put all of their information in the HUD (Head-Up Display). The full-color HUD allows for easily recognizable graphics that help display all of the driver assistance information, as well as speed and even speed limit. It makes these systems quite intuitive and easy to use.

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Check out the video from Tech Crunch for more info.


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