Tara Rush Named Audi of America Chief Marketing Officer

Audi of America has a new head of marketing, in Tara Rush. Prior to this role, Rush was Audi’s Chief Communications Officer but now she will be responsible for all of Audi of America’s marketing; advertising, retail marketing, social media and brand partnerships; in her new role as Chief Marketing Officer.


“Tara is not only an experienced brand expert, she is an exceptional leader with a passion for driving meaningful change,” said Daniel Weissland, president, Audi of America. “Her mix of external experience and proven internal track record – coupled with her strategic and bold decision-making – are a great fit for this role.”

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Rush brings more than twenty years of experience to the new role, some of which has been at Audi but most of which was actually outside of the automotive industry. Prior to Rush’s time with Audi, she was the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for Heineken USA. So her breadth of experience spans further than just luxury cars. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Consumer Economics from Cornell University

Audi e-tron GT


“Today, more than ever, marketing needs to be at the intersection of what people want and need, what a brand stands for and how to be a thoughtful reflection of culture and society,” said Rush. “I’m thrilled to help lead Audi’s new era of mobility and our commitment to put people at the heart of everything we do.”

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This is a unique time for not only Audi but the entire industry. As we shift from internal combustion to electrification and to a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious world, car companies need to adapt. Marketing is a huge part of that, as car companies need to bring their customers along for the ride and help to migrate traditional legacy customers over to electrification. So Audi needs someone who can help with that transition and, due to her experience, it seems as if Tara Rush can be that person.

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