Surprising The World with Toyo Tires

Toyo, the Japanese tire company known for supplying high-performance tires to some of the highest-performing of cars, has launched a campaign to “Surprise the World”. While Toyo is the official tire of the Audi RS5 is certain markets, and has been making some of the world’s best tires for years now, it’s still not one a popular tire brand in markets like North America. So Toyo is here to show the world that it means business and can make tires for even the highest-performing supercars on the planet.

“Surprising the World” is Toyo’s global campaign video, showing two first-gen Audi R8s, one silver one orange, having a drift dual. The two professional racing drivers, Masato Kawabata and Akinori Utsumi, fling the two R8s around as if they were extensions of their hands. V10 exhaust notes blaring and tires scorching eventually lead to the two supercars burning eough rubber to spell out “Surprise?” The Audi R8’s Quattro all-wheel drive system, combined with the Toyo PROXES T1 tires, allow the drivers to hold the most incredible and controllable drifts. It’s the perfect tire and car combination.

The video, according to Yoshiyuki Morikuni, Toyo’s Branding Leader, is the perfect expression of what Toyo strives for as a company. “With creations that, on the foundation of our unique technological innovations, look to give us an edge over others, we’ll always be pursuing optimal performance. This is a video that expresses the “spirit” of what we provide as a brand – that being new values and surprises not found elsewhere. ‘Surprising the world’ is loaded with such strong feelings. The video packs a punch, so I really hope that people enjoy it.”

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Toyo’s high-performance PROXES tires are some of the best performing tires on the market. unfortunately, they aren’t as well known in the North American market as they should be. Hopefully this campaign is successful and Toyo can spread the word, getting other automakers to use Toyo as standard equipment. At the moment, Audi does use Toyo as one of its standard fitment tire companies, but not in the US. Hopefully this changes sometime in the near future, because Toyo PROXES are some of the best high-performance tires in the world. Suprised?


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