Supposed RS4 Mule Spied

Word on the street( from Fast Lane Daily!) is this picture captures a 2012 RS4. In recent months, there have been many rumors circulating about a possible successor to the B7 RS4. The primary rumor has been that there will not be a a B8 platform RS4 possibly due to the fact that an RS5 coupe has been at the forefront of quattro GmbH’s minds as of late.

As a result, we’re prone to think this isn’t really an RS4 test mule. If you look closely at the picture, you can tell this is a facelifted C6 A6 sedan front the tail lamps as well as the overall size of the car. What should be noted are the bolted-on wheel arches. Interestingly enough, the arches don’t resemble that of the RS6 that carries the more boxy design at both front and rear arches. Also, the car clearly has Colorado state tags which wouldn’t make sense for a full RS model to be tested first in the U.S. before being caught undergoing heavy testing around Germany or at the very least Ingolstadt. That said, we’re thinking this is probably a test mule for a tuning group as the A6 looks almost entirely stock with the exception of the wheel arches and exhaust.


So what do you guys thing? Is this the real deal and some sort of secret RS or standard model test mule or is it just something like a tuning group’s car or an enthusiast gone too far?

(Source: Fast Lane Daily via Jalopnik)

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