SPIED: More Spy Photos of the Audi A8 Facelift Have Dropped

The Audi A8 is one of the most underappreciated luxury cars on the road at the moment. As a luxury car, it’s absolutely outstanding, with an incredible ride, great cabin tech and an interior fit for a king. Its biggest issue is its styling. Not that the A8 is bad looking, because it’s mostly a good looking car, it’s just a bit boring looking. So to keep up with the stunning new Mercedes-Benz S-Class and toothy BMW 7 Series, the A8 is going to need a facelift to give it some wow-factor. Thankfully, that’s exactly what it’s getting and some new spy photos have dropped, showing that off. (We don’t own the spy shots but see ’em here)


As per usual with facelifts, the biggest changes to its car are with its… face. The upcoming Audi A8 refresh is going to get a new grille, first of all, that’s about the same size but features a new mess grille insert, rather than the old car’s horizontal slats. That might seem like a small different but the old car’s slats look seriously outdated after seeing this new car. In fact, the current and soon-to-be-outgoing A8 looks a bit old-man-ish.

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Current Audi A8 Front End for Reference


In addition to its new grille, the Audi A8 will also get new headlights. Gone are the sort of boring rhomboid headlights of the current car and in their place are new, more aggressive headlights with notches at the bottom. They look similar to the pre-facelift B9 Audi A4’s and current Audi A3’s headlights oddly, enough. We don’t know why Audi is going back to that style but we’re actually happy about it, as they’re sportier, more aggressive lights that give the car some much-needed menace.


The taillight bar gets a bit of an update as well. The actual taillights at either end of the light bar seem to have some new OLED elements inside, making them a bit more high-tech looking than before. Other than that, though, there really aren’t any changes. We do hope Audi brings back real exhaust pipes, though. The fake ones are horrid.

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Current Audi A8 Taillights for Reference

There won’t likely be many changes to the inside, as mid-cycle refreshes don’t typically bring massive updates. However, we might see an update to the Virtual Cockpit and maybe some new trim pieces. It would be nice to see Audi debut some new tech on the A8, just like they did when the current A8 debuted and launched Audi’s new MMI Touch Response system.


When this new Audi A8 facelift debuts, it’s going to need to be great, though. The brand-new S-Class is a stunning achievement and is likely going to set the benchmark for the segment yet again. So if Audi wants the A8 to compete, it’s going to need to stand out. For Audi’s sake, hopefully it does.

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[Source: Motor Authority]
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