Spied: Upcoming Audi TT RS caught testing at the Nurburgring

The previous generation Audi TT RS was a fan favorite amongst Audi enthusiasts. It was fast, fun and good looking. It was called the Baby R8 by many Audi fans, as it had similar looks, body style and excellent performance. Oh, and it only came with something called a manual transmission, which apparently enthusiasts like. Whatever that is.

This new one, however, is going to be a bit different from its predecessor. Firstly, it looks considerably better than the outgoing car and that’s obvious from this spy video. Secondly, it will be faster, sharper and far more dynamic, thanks to the new lightweight MQB platform that underpins it. The current Audi TT is already far improved over the previous generation, so the RS variant should be even better. There won’t be a manual though, so enthusiasts will be upset about that.

Audi TTS by ABT SportslineThis video might get them excited anyway, however, because it looks dynamic. You can tell turn-in is sharp as the nose just darts towards apexes with verve. It looks like an exciting car to drive, as it flies around some of the sharper turns throughout the world’s most difficult track. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to hear from the TT RS test mule. The exhaust was only barely audible, but if you listen closely enough, you can hear a decent growl from the 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-five cylinder engine. One thing’s certain, with less weight, more power and a much faster shifting S-Tronic dual-clutch transmission, the new TT RS will be faster than the previous model. So check the video out and get excited.

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