Spied! R8 Spider testing at zee ‘Ring

Audi’s hottest upcoming convertible, the R8 Spider is still a few short months away from its debut in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Sales are expected to start early in 2010, but, it should be worth the wait as Audi is going keep the 4.2 V8 from the original and it’s expected that the big-boy 5.2L V10 will be dropped amidship the new convertible as well. We can see here that a test mule of the R8 Spider is being booted around the streets that surround the famed Nurburgring.


As evidenced from these pictures, it’s difficult to tell if this will be a full cloth top convertible or simply a removable targa top, ala the Porsche Carrera GT. However, with the removal of the rear pillars we can see the gas cap has moved to the body itself, also, according to FastCar.com, the R8 Spider will likely pick up more air intakes. Another thing worth noting from these pictures are the fat, oval tailpipes at the rear of the R8, a tell-tale sign of the RS cars and also found on the V10 version of the R8 coupe, hopefully, meaning we’ll receive the beefier engine.

Watch this spot for more on the upcoming R8 Spider!

Hit the jump over to FastCars.com to see more of the R8 Spider on the roll near the ‘Ring.

Tip of the hat to Andrus for providing the link!