SPIED: Potential Audi A1 Allroad caught testing on Nurburgring

When we first saw the new 2019 Audi A1, we were pleasantly surprised with how premium and excited it looked for such a small, inexpensive car. We also loved how simple, yet modern it was, with great technology by small engines and even an available manual gearbox. Now, it seems as if Audi is going to add more complicated variant of its smallest car, as a possible Audi A1 Allroad has recently been caught doing some pre-production testing. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these photos, we see some sort of Audi A1 but one with a slightly taller ride height and some camouflage around its wheel arches and side skirts. The camo seems to be placed exactly where the pseudo-rugged plastic body cladding goes on Audi Allroad models. Which would suggest this being an Audi A1 Allroad but we don’t know for certain.

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Audi A1 production

Though, on the Nurburgring, its suspension doesn’t really seem any higher than the standard car’s. That could just be due to the high cornering loads that are on the car in many of these pictures. Still, it’s not as high-riding as the rest of the Allroad lineup. So we’re not entirely sure what this car is, though our assumptions are that it is, indeed, an Audi A1 Allroad.

We just don’t see the point of such a car, though. The Audi A1 is designed to be a small, efficient and fun city car. Jacking the ride height up and trying to turn it into a more active-lifestyle car seems a bit silly. Although, that stuff sells these days, so maybe it’s just Audi trying to take advantage of a market. We’ll eventually see what this car is but there’s a good possibility it’s an Audi A1 Allroad. Let’s hope not.

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