SPIED: Possible Audi A1 supermini caught testing in heavy camouflage

This current generation Audi A1 is a decent car but it’s one that’s getting far too old and a seriously antiquated. The current A1 is still built on the old VW Golf platform, while the rest of the Audi small car lineup is switching to the brand’s new MQB platform, such as the Audi A3 and TT. Though, Audi is working on a replacement for the A1 and it may have just been caught doing some testing. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

We can’t be one hundred percent certain that this is an Audi A1, being that it’s a very early pre-production test mule. However, it certainly looks like an Audi A1, thanks to its taillight design and fat C-pillar. Though, due to the similarities in design between less expensive cars in the Volkswagen Group, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for this to be some sort of SEAT or Skoda.

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Having said that, we think it’s the new Audi A1 and we like the way it’s looking. The new taillight design looks good and is more interesting than the ones you’ll find on any other small Audi, such as the A3 or Q2. Those rear air vents also look quite cool and, when combined with the new rear diffuser, make it looks very sporty. Though, there is one complaint about the rear end of this Audi A1 test mule and it’s a problem many new Audis have — fake exhaust pipes. We sort of get it on a big luxury car like the Audi A8, as it may seem more premium to not see exhaust pipes but it just looks bad here, with no excuse. It also has a cool little roof spoiler and a Quattro-inspired fat C-pillar.

Current Audi A1

Overall, this is a good looking little supermini that should probably sell quite well in the segment. In the supermini segment, looks and technology are paramount and this seems to have the former down pat. It should also have great technology, thanks to Audi’s brilliant Virtual Cockpit and new MMI system.

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We’re excited to see what becomes of the new MQB-based Audi A1. It should be a very good little car and one we wish came to the US.

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