SPIED: Next-generation Audi S7 caught at Nurburgring

Audi’s S7 is one of the more fascinating cars on the road. With impressive performance, seductive styling and hatchback practicality, the Audi S7 seems to hit every note, in terms of being a great overall sport sedan. It’s one of out favorite cars on the road from any brand. And it’s about to get even better, as Audi is preparing a second-generation of its S7, which has just recently been caught testing at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

(While we don’t own the spy photos, they can be found at Autoblog.)

Wearing a new face, similar to that of the upcoming Audi A8 and Prologue Concept, the new Audi S7 has a much sleeker and more aggressive front end. Although, from the A-pillar back, it doesn’t seem to actually be changed much. Admittedly, it is wearing heavy camouflage and this could just be a test mule, so it could look much different when it finally debuts.

Audi did say that it wanted its next A7/S7 to move more upmarket, closer to the A7/S8 than the A6/S6. The four-ringed brand wants the S7 to be a more expensive and more luxurious car than it is now. So that would explain the new face, similar to that of the next-gen A8. It’s going to borrow heavily from the A8, including technology and chassis components.

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2015 Audi S7 Sportback facelift
2015 Audi S7 Sportback facelift

The new singleframe grille is much wider and narrower now, much like on the new A8. It also features sleeker, angrier headlights that seem to be the norm on every Marc Lichte-designed Audi. In the front, we can see some sort of extra heat exchanger in the lower driver’s side air duct. We don’t know if this is an extra intercooler, oil cooler or transmission oil cooler, but whatever it is, something needs it to stay cool.

In these spy photos, we also get a small glimpse of the taillights through the camo. We don’t get to see much, but it does seem to look like they feature similar OLED technology to the new Audi TT RS and upcoming Audi Q5. And, out back, we can tell that this is an S7 and not an A7 thanks to its quad exhaust pipes.

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These are just very early spy photos of the new S7 wrapped in heavy camouflage, so we’re not going to be able to learn a lot. But from what we have learned, we’re pretty excited about it.

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