SPIED: Next-Gen Audi S3 caught testing wearing full camo

We’ve been impressed by this current-generation Audi S3, especially the post-facelift model which cured a lot of the first pre-facelift car’s problems. However, it isn’t perfect and there are some things that we’re hoping Audi works on with the next model. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as Audi will be releasing the new S3 next year and a test mule of the upcoming car has been spotted in the wild. (We don’t own the spy pics but you can see them here)

Seen here wearing heavy camouflage, this test mule clearly identifies itself as an Audi S3 by its quad exhaust pipes. It also has large front air intakes, even if the side ones seem to be covered in duct tape. So it’s clearly an S3 and not a standard A3. The rest of its design will translate throughout its model range.

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For instance, its Singleframe grille is hexagonal, rather than new octagonal grilles on the brand-new Audi Q8 and Q3. Maybe Audi is saving that for SUVs and leaving the hexagonal grilles for sedans and coupes. The Sportback model also seems to get a more raked rear roofline, with a more aggressive C-pillar, than the current model.

Current Audi S3 Sportback

Like all new Audis, this new S3 Sportback looks tight and smart, if a bit unexciting. We can see its shoulder line pretty clearly through the camouflage and it’s pretty much just a straight line. It looks good but isn’t very dramatic.

The most interesting part of this new Audi S3, though, seems to be its headlights. Not the actual headlight design but something inside the headlights. There seems to be an odd triangular-shaped bit of lights in the corner of the headlights. Are these turn signals, high-beams or the actual headlight bulb itself? We’re not sure and it’s not a design we’re familiar with. So we’re interested to see what becomes of that.

We can’t wait to see the next-gen Audi S3, as it seems that each new generation of Audis brings more improvements and more exciting driving dynamics. With Audi gaining more experience with the new MQB chassis, we expect big things.

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