SPIED: Next-gen Audi A6 caught winter testing

BMW just released its new 5 Series and it’s quite good. In fact, we recently drove the 5 Series in California and found it to be excellent. But the 5 Series isn’t the only new car in the segment. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is also quite new and the Jaguar XF is only about a year old. All of which are very good cars. So the Audi A6 is in dire need of an update if it wants to compete with the newest and best cars in its class. Fortunately for the Ingolstadt-based brand, a new A6 is on the way and it was just caught doing some winter testing. (we don’t own the spy shots but they can be found here)

Wearing heavy camouflage, There’s not much we can tell about the new and upcoming A6 but we can make out the important bits. The front end looks entirely different from the current A6 that will be replaced by it. The headlights are far slimmer and more angular and the Singleframe grille is massive, wide and aggressive. It shows of its Marc Lichte-inspired design cues, which touches clearly pulled from the Audi Prologue.

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It also looks lower, wider and sleeker than the current Audi A6. It’s meaner looking as well, as it sports a lower-sloping hood and short front overhang, which looks aggressive. The rear end also has a more aggressive feel but the taillights in the photos look like they could be false, just put there to throw onlookers off.

Overall, the new Audi A6 looks like it could be far sharper and sleeker than the current car which is good, as it will be far more dynamic and technologically impressive. The next-gen A6 will be a technology powerhouse and will also feature some new dynamic capabilities. So it needs to be sharp and dynamic looking and it seems as it’s off to a good start.

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