SPIED: Next-gen Audi A6 caught sporting new face

Of all the cars in Audi’s current lineup, the one in the most desperate need of replacing is the Audi A6. While it’s entire family of stablemates have been overhauled, as the A3, A4, A5, A7 and A8 are all new, the poor old Audi A6 is left behind. Making matters worse, all of its competitors have seen new generations debut as well. The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Volvo S90 have all debuted, all look great and all are excellent. So the A6 is in desperate need of an update. Thankfully, one is coming soon and some spy photos have just surfaced. (We don’t own them but they can be seen here)

In these photos, the new Audi A6 can be seen driving in some snow, as a proper Audi should. This new A6 test mule can be seen sporting an entirely new face, with new headlights and the brand’s massive Singleframe grille, the same sort featured on all new Audis. The headlights are new, though, and are different than on any other new Audi. They look good, though, being all sleek and modern-like.

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Current Audi A6

Out back, we can see new taillights, reminiscent of the new Audi A7’s, minus the massive light bar. So, actually, they’re more like those from the new A8. Which is good but we do hope for some more interesting design elements out back, as the A8 can look a bit boring. That same sentiment applies for the entire car as a whole, as the new Audi A8 can look like a Volkswagen Passat from some angles. We hope the Audi A6 doesn’t suffer the same fate.

The new Audi A6 will be built on the same new MLB-Evo II platform that underpins the rest of its stablemates. That means it will be lighter, stiffer, more dynamic and far more high-tech than the car it will replace. The current A6 is a good car but it’s so obviously getting old. It still looks good and its interior is still quite nice but its technology is seemingly ancient and its driving dynamics leave a lot to be desired. The steering is so light it feels as if the steering wheel isn’t actually physically connected to anything and its handling is a bit sloppy. These are the biggest faults with the current A6 that we hope Audi addresses.

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