SPIED: Facelifted Audi R8 caught testing with minimal camouflage

Despite being Audi’s most exciting car, the R8 is an endangered species, expected to become extinct come 2020. Which means we must enjoy it while it’s still here. The Audi R8 is already one of the best looking, most thrilling supercars on the road and doesn’t really need much in the way of updating. That isn’t stopping Audi, though, who is currently in the process of developing a new facelift refresh for the R8 and it’s just been caught doing some testing. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

In these photos, the Audi R8 test mule isn’t wearing much camouflage but, then again, it doesn’t really need to. There only seem to be a handful of changes to the newly facelifted R8, however, they are rather significant. At the front, the new Singleframe grille gets a new shape. Rather than being rather tall and stout, the new grille is leaner and wider, which gives the entire R8 a lower, wider looking stance. The front air intakes have also been shaped to accommodate that new grille design. Overall, it’s a more aggressive looking front end than before.

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Out back, it gets new exhaust pipes, which are just dual circular pipes, much like every other RS car. It also gets a sizable rear diffuser. Although, judging from the back, this could be a new model altogether — the Audi R8 GT. The “GT” moniker is reserved for the sportiest, most hardcore R8, with a stiffer, sportier suspension, extensive weight savings and more power. This test mule hints at its R8 GT nature with its fixed rear wing and aforementioned rear diffuser and exhausts.

It looks good, this refreshed Audi R8. The differences are subtle and can only really be noticed when looking at the old car back-to-back. However, they’re significant enough to make it look better. It should also have an updated interior, with Audi’s newest Virtual Cockpt and maybe even a version of Audi’s new touchscreen-based MMI system. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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