SPIED: B9 Audi A4 facelift caught testing

A few days ago, we directed you toward some spy photos of the facelifted Audi A4 Avant, which had been caught testing wearing minimal camouflage. Now, the Audi A4 sedan has been caught testing wearing equally minimal camo. (We don’t own these photos but they can be seen at Auto Express)

After seeing these photos, we’re not entirely sure what’s been changed about this car. The current B9-generation Audi A4 is still a very fresh looking car, as it only came out a couple of years ago. In fact, it’s newer than almost any other car in its segment. So it’s not as if its aging poorly. However, Audi is still going to facelift it, we just don’t really know what it’s going to do.

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From the front, there seems to be almost nothing changed. It’s wearing some camouflage on its face but not in areas that would really change much. We can see the shape of the front bumper and it looks identical to the current, un-facelifted car. The headlights look the same as well. So we’re really not sure what Audi is camouflaging.

Out back, Audi didn’t even bother to camouflage the car. This Audi A4 tester is completely bare and looks no different at all from the rear. The taillights look identical and so does the rest of the rear.

We’re assuming there are going to be a few big changes on the inside, though, such as the addition of Audi’s new Virtual Cockpit, found in the new Audi A8. We doubt it will get the new touchscreen MMI system, as that would require a significant change in the A4’s dashboard and HVAC controls. However, the new Virtual Cockpit is just plug and play and would go a long way to making the Audi A4 feel a bit fresher than before.

The B9 Audi A4 is already a great car, one of the very best in the segment. So we’re not too worried about the fact that its facelift isn’t changed much. However, it is interesting that Audi is being so conservative with its design for the facelift.

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