SPIED: Audi SQ2 exterior/interior both caught testing

Ever since the Audi Q2 first launched, fans have been hoping for a more fun, high-performance model. The fastest Audi Q2 for sale is, well, pretty slow. However, it was obvious that its chassis was fun enough to handle more power and that it could be a genuinely entertaining car to drive it given the opportunity. Thankfully, that opportunity is here and it’s called the Audi SQ2. The Q2 was recently caught doing some testing and we get to see photos of both its exterior and interior. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them at Car Scoops)

On the outside, it looks about exactly as you’d expect an Audi SQ2 to look. Its basically the same, except it has a bit of a sportier face, chunky five-spoke wheels and quad exhausts. To be honest, aside from the four poo-shoots out back, there’s really nothing much to signify that this specific car is anything more special or more fun than the regular ole diesel-powered Q2. Those quad pipes are the only visual indicators of this being an Audi SQ2 and not its more plebeian sibling.

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One odd bit, the side mirrors seem to be body color on this tester. Most Audi ‘S’ cars have brushed aluminum mirrors, which make them looks sportier and a bit more special. However, this Audi SQ2 seems to make do with pretty standard mirrors.

Standard Audi Q2 Interior

Inside, that sentiment remains true. In fact, we’re struggling to find anything different about this interior than on the standard car, aside from the fact that the SQ2 seems to get some more red. The seats look exactly the same, except for some red fabric insert, and the steering wheel is exactly the same as well. In fact, the entire cabin looks like it could have been pulled from any MQB-based Audi. It’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s just not as exciting as we were hoping from a proper ‘S’ car.

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We weren’t expecting a massive change in design or style, as Audi ‘S’ cars are never really that different from their standard counterparts. But we were hoping for a bit more than this.

Under the hood will likely lie the same 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder as found in the Audi S3. So it should make around 306 hp (US-market S3s make 292 hp but we won’t be getting the SQ2 so it will only get the Euro-engine), which is more than enough in this car.

Despite not looking all that different, we are actually excited about the Audi SQ2. It packs more power and, presumably, sharper handling in a chassis that’s already fun to drive.

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