SPIED: Audi S4 Avant caught winter testing, packing more power

This current Audi S4, either sedan or Avant, is a great car. With its 3.0 liter turbocharged V6, putting out 354 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, it’s plenty fast enough and it’s sharp enough to be a fun daily driver. However, its competition just got a little bit better, so it’s time for the Audi S4 to get a facelift and a tweak or two. Thankfully, Audi seems to be working on such an update and it’s just been caught doing some winter testing. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these new spy photos, we see an Audi S4 Avant wearing heavy camouflage driving in the snow. This is the first time we’re seeing the S4 with its new facelift, as we’ve already seen the A4. It gets the same basic updates as the standard A4, front and back, with new headlights, a new grille, new front air intakes and new taillights. Being the sportier S4 variant, this test car also gets a sporty roof spoiler and quad exhaust pipes.

Current Audi S4 Avant for reference

More importantly, though, we’re hearing that the new Audi S4 will actually pack more of a punch as well. According to some sources close to Car Scoops, the new S4 facelift will have some additional horsepower from its turbo-V6. There aren’t any power figures mentioned but it’s said that the new car will have a power output similar to the new BMW M340i (382 hp) and the Mercedes-AMG C43 (385 hp). So expect somewhere around 380 hp, give or take a few ponies.

That last bit is exciting to hear, as the Audi S4 is already quite fast as it is. For the current car, 0-60 mph happens in the high four-second range. With the upgraded power, we could see that time cut down to around 4.5 seconds. Though, considering the BMW M340i is dangerously close to breaking into the high three-second range, it might have to do a bit better than that.

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