SPIED: Audi RS6 Avant caught cruising around

We’ve already seen the Audi S6 Avant, with its diesel-powered V6 engine and sharp looking. While the former is a bit disappointing, the later is not. It’s a great looking car. Such a shame that its diesel engine won’t create a noise to match. However, there will be an Audi RS6 Avant that will bring even better looking and will certainly be bringing a noise to match. Or will it? That RS6 has just been caught cruising around in this new spy video and it sounds a bit quiet.


In this spy video, we only get a few brief glimpses of the next-gen Audi RS6 Avant on the move. Though, from what we can see, it looks very good; much more aggressive than the standard car but still relatively understated.

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As all RS cars should be. Unfortunately, that’s about all we get to see and, more importantly, hear. In the video, we can hear its low-rpm burble as it putters down a narrow road. But that burble is quiet and muffled, almost sounding weak.


We know that the Audi RS6 Avant will pack a big engine, with big power. So we’re surprised at the noise coming from it in this video. While we don’t know exactly what sort of engine will power the RS6, it’s likely to be a version of the same 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that powers the all-new Audi S8. Expect it to make quite a but more power than the S8, though, with more than 600 hp on tap.

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With all of that firepower, you’d expect a louder noise than what we see in this video. Admittedly, it could just be in a quiet mode, be it a drive select mode or an exhaust mode, and the driver is going quite slow. So it’s likely to still be very loud and very V8-like when it finally debuts.


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