SPIED: Audi RS Q8 caught testing in the Alps

Audi just recently revealed its newest SUV, the Q8. The Audi Q8 will be the brand’s new flagship SUV, in terms of performance, luxury and technology. However, there will be an even more expensive, even more high-performance, high-tech version of the Q8 and it’s just been spotted doing some pre-production testing, wearing some camouflage — the Audi RS Q8.

This Audi RS Q8, looks a bit more aggressive than the standard Q8 but not significantly so. The front fenders seem like they could be a bit more swollen than on the standard car and it has a slightly more aggressive lower front lip. But the front end changes are subtle at most.

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Where this Audi RS Q8 test mule looks most different is at the back. It gets the typical RS exhaust treatment, which features massive dual oval exhausts, one flanking each side of the rear. Thankfully, they’re not fake, as you’ll find on a lot of modern Audi performance cars. It also seems like it could have a bit of a rear diffuser but it’s hard to tell.

Its wheels are identical to those on the standard Audi Q8, just painted black. So nothing new there. It’s also a bit lower than the standard car. Though, I do have to say, I like this RS Q8 test mule much more than the standard Q8. Mostly because it’s black and it has camouflage covering the odd styling cues of the standard Q8, like its oddly protruding grille. The rest of the car looks great, with swollen wheel arches and sharp lines.

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Oddly enough, this RS Q8 test mule also seems to be towing a trailer, which we haven’t seen on a test mule before. It’s likely just carrying some gear but it could be that Audi is testing the towing capability of the RS Q8. That’s likely not the case, though, as that trailer is small and could be towed by any SUV or crossover.

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