SPIED: Possible Audi Q8 caught testing in US

Audi has two big SUV debuts on the way this year. One of them is the Audi e-tron, quite possibly the most important car to debut for Audi in a long time, being the brand’s first all-electric car. The other, though, is the Audi Q8, which will be a sportier, more premium alternative to the Audi Q7. Both the Audi Q8 and e-tron look quite similar, so it can be hard to tell them apart while camouflaged. Which is why we can’t be entirely sure which car this is in these new exclusive spy photos we have. Though, we think it’s the Q8.

Seen here in these photos, this is certainly a sporty Audi SUV, with an aggressively raked roof and an angry face. So it’s either the Audi Q8 or e-torn. We suspect it’s the former due to one detail — fake exhaust tips. There seem to be the same sort of faux exhaust tips that you’ll find on an Audi SQ5 at the back of this test mule, which make us think that it has an internal combustion engine up front (it’s a sad day when fake exhaust tips hint at internal combustion).

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The reason the fake exhausts tip us off on this being an Audi Q8 is that all e-tron test mules and prototypes we’ve seen lack them. Rather than the faux exhausts, they just have body colored ridges where the exhausts might be. Being electric, there’s no attempt to even fake exhausts as the e-tron has none.

So we think this is likely the Q8 testing and not the e-tron, although they look quite similar. It also has Audi’s new face, with a massive Singleframe grille and angular headlights. It also sits quite low and looks menacing, showing off its sportier intentions. Out back, it seems to get new OLED taillights and a little roof spoiler. Overall, it looks good and we can’t wait to see what it officially looks like later this year.

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