SPIED: Audi Q7 Facelift caught testing in snow with new face

Despite the current Audi Q7 (pictured above) still being relatively fresh, only having debuted in 2015, it already looks a bit dated compared to its newer rivals. That has less to do with the Q7’s styling, as it’s a good looking SUV, but more to do with just how good looking its new competitors are. For instance, the Q7 is good looking but the Jaguar F-Pace is gorgeous and the new BMW X5 looks much more modern. So it’s time for a facelift for the Audi Q7 and such a car has just been caught testing in the snow. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Current Audi Q7 taillights

Up front, we can see that the new Audi Q7 features an entirely new Singleframe grille, that’s now a bit less in-your-face. It seems to have a slimmer border than the current car’s and is a but narrower. It also seems to get new headlights which look fresh compared to the current car’s. Also, a new lower front fascia makes it a look a bit sportier, more athletic than the pre-facelift Q7.

Out back, we can see new taillights that have a similar look to those of the Audi A6. That’s a good thing, as the current car’s taillights just looked like big blocks. Now, they have the same layered LED look and will likely pulse for turn indicators, as well as when the car is locked or unlocked, just like the A6 and A7.

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We can’t see any interior bits on this Audi Q7 test mule but we’re assuming that it’s going to get a pretty significant update, at least we’re hoping so. Not that the current Q7’s interior is bad, it just looks a bit dated. For instance, its MMI screen that rises from the dash is basically ancient at this point and its dash design could use some updating. So it’s possible that it gets the same new Touch Response MMI screen as found in Audi’s newer models, such as the Audi Q8. Though, it likely won’t get the Q8’s touchscreen climate controls, as that would require a lot of changes to be made to the cabin.

As far as powertrains and/or technology, we don’t really know anything at this point. Though, we don’t expect the facelifted Q7 to keep its current powertrains. So instead of the current 3.0 liter supercharged V6 that powers most Q7s, we fully expect the new 3.0 turbocharged V6 from the Audi S4.

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