SPIED: Audi Q5 spotted with less camo

Australian publication, Motoring, has some spy photos of the upcoming second-generation Audi Q5 running around with a bit less camo than we’ve seen before. While there’s still quite a lot of camouflage covering most of the car’s design, we can see a bit more than we have before. We don’t own the spy photos but we’ll talk about what we can see and you can take a look at the yourself, here.

In the front, we can see the same sort of narrow and squinty headlights found on the coming Audi A8 and A6 successors. Those headlights aren’t the only design borrowed from Audi’s upcoming cars, as the grille seems to be similar as well. The grille seen on this Audi Q5 seems to be a slightly toned-down version of the massive grille seen on the spied Audi A8 and is taken from the Audi Prologue concept. However, it isn’t nearly as wide as the grille on those cars.

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Out back, the taillights seem to be a slightly more narrow version of what they currently are. While the design does seem a bit old, it’s certainly sharper than the current model’s. We also see the side mirrors have been moved down to the top of the door sills, for better interior wind noise.

All in all, it doesn’t seem to have changed too much from the current model, which is good as the current Audi Q5 is still a very handsome car and one of Audi’s best-selling vehicles. However, it should change quite a lot underneath the skin, being based on Audi’s new MLB platform, the same one that underpins the Audi A4 and Q7. This will allow it to be both lighter and stiff than before while also improving on handling dynamics and interior space. Speaking of interior, the new interior design language of the current A4 and Q7 should translate over as well, which is a very good thing. So expect the new Q5 to not improve all that much on the outside, but improve a lot where it matters most.

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