SPIED: Audi Q5 e-tron Seen Testing for the First Time

After the Audi e-tron GT,  Audi will continue its partnership with Porsche on joint electric vehicle architectures. However, the J1 architecture that underpins the e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan will be retired and a new all-electric architecture will be used by both brands. It’s called PPE (Premium Platform Electric) and among the first vehicles that will be built on it will be the upcoming Audi Q5 e-tron, which was just caught testing in the wild for the first time. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)


The upcoming Audi Q5 e-tron will share the PPE architecture and most of its underpinnings with the upcoming electric Porsche Macan. We also recently learned that a potential Audi Q6 e-tron was in the works, so we don’t know if both will co-exist or no.

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In these new spy photos, we can see that the Audi Q5 e-tron will have a mix of the current e-tron SUV’s styling, with some of the Q4 e-tron’s styling. It’s mostly a squarish shape, similar to the standard e-tron but it also has more muscular rear wheel arches and a more aggressive roofline, similar to the Q4 e-tron. So it will be a bit of a mix but it seems more handsome than both.


Up front, its headlights and front end seem to be reminiscent of both the Audi Q4 e-tron and Volkswagen ID.4 but it’s heavily covered in camo, so there’s no way of knowing. Pay no mind the to the taillights in these photos, as they’re most likely fake add-ons used for camouflage.

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All PPE-based EVs will come with 800-volt charging, which means they’ll be able to charge at speeds up to 350 kW. It should also have about 300 miles of range in its longest-range spec, putting it right up there with Tesla. According to Autocar, it’s also said that there will be a top-spec RS-variant that will pack around 590 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque.


The Audi Q5 e-tron will be a step-up in both performance and luxury over the Q4 e-tron. Being based on PPE will give it a much higher ceiling in both regards and will allow Audi to steal of bit of Porsche’s chassis and handling magic. So far, the Q5 e-tron seems to be the most exciting electric Audi since the e-tron GT.

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[Source: Autocar]
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