SPIED: Audi Q4 caught winter testing — Shrunken Q8

We’ve seen spy photos of the Audi Q4 in the past but these new ones (which we don’t own but can be seen here) are the closest and clearest yet. In them, we can clearly see that this new Q4 looks very much like a smaller, shrunken Audi Q8, which isn’t all that surprising.

It wasn’t much of a shock to learn of the Audi Q4. With coupe-like crossovers becoming more and more popular in recent years, German automakers have been adding such vehicles to every single segment they can find. Take BMW, for instance. There’s now a BMW X2, X4, X6 and possibly a future X8. Mercedes-Benz has the GLA-Class, GLC-Coupe and GLE-Coupe. So it was only a matter of time for Audi to make a Q4.

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Though, it must be said that Audi is new to the game. The Audi Q8 was the first coupe-like SUV the brand but it’s catching up to its competitors quickly. The new Q4 looks very much like Q8 and that’s a good thing. While the Q8 isn’t exactly pretty, it’s stylish and interesting, which is exactly what customers want.

Audi Q3 taillights

In these new spy photos, it gets a similar face to the Audi Q3; with the same grille, headlights and front “air intakes” (I put that in quotes as those so-called intakes are mostly fake). Its taillights also seem borrowed from the Q3. The rest of it though is very similar to the bigger Q8, with the same sort of flared wheel arches at the back, a similar roofline and overall profile.

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Though, none of this should be a surprise. The Audi Q4 is based off of the Q3 but will feature the brand’s coupe-SUV styling started by the Q8. That the Q4 is a blend of both cars is no shock to us. Once the camouflage comes off, it should look like a sporty, stylish and athletic crossover. And thanks to its smaller proportions and less Bane-like grille, the Q4 should look even better than the Q8.

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