SPIED: Audi Q2 Facelift seen with A4-style headlights and grille

The Audi Q2 almost seems like the brand’s forgotten car at this point. Having debuted only a few years ago, the Q2 is starting to age faster than I think Audi expected. Despite not being a bad car, it’s already been overshadowed by some other inexpensive, premium crossovers. Even Audi’s own Q3 seems like a more attractive buy. So the Q2 needs a bit of updating if it wants to stay alive in this very popular segment. Thankfully, it’s getting just that. (We don’t own this new spy video but it can be seen here)


In this new spy video, we see a camouflaged Audi Q2 test mule doing some winter testing in the snow. While the camo covers most of the car’s new design, there are some elements of its facelift that we can see and that should make the Q2 a better looking car.

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For instance, we can clearly see the new headlight design, which borrows heavily from its Audi A4 and A3 siblings. The actual shape of the headlights seems pretty similar to the pre-facelift car but the light elements themselves have changed. So they now feature the same strip of LED blocks, as you’ll find in the A4. They look better than before and give the Q2 a sportier, more premium look.


Also, the Audi Q2 Facelift seems to get the same new Singleframe grille design as most other new Audis. So it features a hexagonal pattern grille insert, not unlike what Audi Sport models have had over the years. That also lends a sportier look to the front end.

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Aside from those two things, there’s really not much else to see, as the camouflage masks mostly everything else. However, we can expect the changes to end about there. This is just a facelift after all, and not a full blown replacement, so don’t expect any radical changes.


However, if Audi does make any big changes, we hope they’re to the car’s interior. The current Audi Q2 cabin is pretty old-hat at this point and needs some major technological updates. Specifically, it needs Audi’s new Touch Response MMI system and Virtual Cockpit if Audi wants it to continue to compete with the BMW X1s and Mercedes-Benz GLBs of the world.

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[Source: Motor1]
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