SPIED: Audi Q2 Facelift does some camouflaged winter testing

When the Audi Q2 first hit the scene, it was more of a stylish alternative to the Q3, the car younger families put in their driveways. However, the rest of Audi’s lineup, the Q3 included, have all been updated and given a newer design language. So despite the Q2 being the supposedly stylish car of the bunch, it now looks outdated. Which is why it’s getting a new mid-cycle facelift, to keep it looking fresh, and it’s just been caught doing some camouflaged testing. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can by clicking this clicky thing)


Up front, its headlight shape seems to stay the same, while the actual lighting elements inside seem to have been updated. They seem to have the same LED lightbar “eyebrow” shape as newer Audis and they look better than the current units.

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Audi SQ2

The facelifted Audi Q2 also seems to get a new grille, which will likely be similar to what we’ve seen from every other new Audi. If that’s the case, it will ditch the trim surrounding it and be a bit sleeker than before. It will also likely get the same hexagonal chain-link style grille insert to match the rest of its siblings.


Both its new headlights and grille design should make the Audi Q2 look much fresher and more stylish. Which is encouraging because the current Q2 is already a handsome car, so making it even more modern will keep it fresh for its newer competition.

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Audi SQ2

Out back, it doesn’t seem as if this Audi Q2 test mule is any different than the current car. Its taillights seem pretty much the same and, because the rest of it is covered in camo, we can’t tell if there are any other changes.


Let’s hope that the facelifted Audi Q2 gets some interior updates to go with its new face. While the cabin of the current Q2 is fine, it’s still a bit last year. It could use the new style of interior that’s seen in the Audi Q3, which looks very good. That would give it the new Touch Response MMI system and the latest Virtual Cockpit version, which is brilliant.

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The current Audi Q2 is a good car; one that’s comfortable, relatively practical and stylish. So making it even more stylish and more modern will only help.


[Source: Motor1]
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