SPIED: Audi A7 L Sportback Long-Wheelbase Looks So Much Worse

Typically, long-wheelbase sedan models look like the normal sedan, just with a bit of extra length at the back end. The idea is to give rear passengers a bit more legroom. You normally see high-end luxury cars, such as Audi A8s and Bentleys, with long-wheelbase versions, to accommodate high-end luxury clients who mostly ride in the back seat. However, the Chinese market puts a priority on rear seat space in all cars, so we’re seeing more and more premium brands make long-wheelbase versions of all models. The latest one from the four rings is the Audi A7 L Sportback and it looks so much worse than the standard car.


Some new spy photos have surfaced (which we don’t own but can be seen here), showing off the Audi A7 L Sportback wearing camouflage, doing some pre-production testing. While most of the car is covered in camo, obscuring its design, the only thing we’re looking at is its ruined roofline.

Gorgeous Audi A7 Sportback Silhouette


The standard Audi A7 Sportback is a sleek, sexy looking sedan with a beautifully tapered roof-line that blends with its liftback tailgate. It’s likely the prettiest of all four-door “coupes” on the market. Yet, the Audi A7 L Sportback completely botches that design, to give it the added length out back.


Rather than have the standard car’s lovely sweeping roof-line, the Audi A7 L gets an almost normal sedan looking roof-line and an A8-style trunk. In fact, from the side, this long-wheelbase A7 looks like a frumpy A8, completely ruining the point of getting an A7. If you want a long-wheelbase Audi sedan with looks like these, just get the A8.


Another reason for the transformation in style is that this car is destined only for the Chinese market and, there, sedans are far more popular than four-door coupes. Which is perfectly fine. But why take a four-door coupe and turn it into a sedan, and go through all of that trouble, when you have the perfectly good Audi A8 L sedan?


Apparently, the Audi A7 L will also be built in China, at Audi’s newly revamped Shanghai plant. The Shanghai plant can build 60,000 cars annually, so it has the capacity to handle A7 L production.


For Chinese enthusiasts that want the A7’s Sportback looks, the Audi S7 Sportback is still available with its standard roof-line.


[Source: Car Scoops]
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