SPIED: Audi A4 Avant Facelift caught testing with minor camo

This current generation of Audi A4 Avant, the B9-generation, is still quite fresh. Having debuted only a couple of years ago, it still looks competitive in the segment and has yet to begin to age. That hasn’t stopped Audi from working on a facelift, though, and a post-facelift test mule has recently been caught doing some testing while wearing a bit of camo. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen at Car Scoops)

At the front of this test mule, there’s a bit of camouflage surrounding the grille and headlights. However, the headlights themselves are kept exposed and they don’t really look any different from the current car’s. We’re actually struggling to see any real differences between this car and the one currently driving around on public roads.

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The same goes for the rear, which isn’t even wearing camouflage in these photos and looks identical to the current car’s. The only difference at the rear we can spot is the shape of the exhaust pipes, which are now rectangular, rather than circular. Aside from that, we’re actually not sure what sort of changes Audi will even be making for its facelift. It may get some updates on the inside but it’s not likely to be significantly different. As CS points out, the dash-mounted MMI screen can be seen in these photos, so it’s unlikely that it gets Audi’s new touchscreen-based system.

While it’s not such a big deal right now, that this facelifted Audi A4 Avant looks pretty similar to the current car, it might be a big deal in a year or two. The new BMW 3 Series is on its way and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is bound to get a facelift of its own quite soon. So the A4 is going to have to stay fresh for the next few years to keep up.

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