SPIED: Audi A4 Avant caught testing major facelift

The current Audi A4 is still a handsome car, despite being older than almost all of its rivals in the segment. Sure, it’s a tad boring looking compared to the new C-Class, 3 Series and especially the beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia. Still, though, it’s a handsome car with crisp lines and a nice shape. That hasn’t stopped Audi from giving it a refresh, though, and that facelifted model has just been caught testing in wagon form. (We don’t own the spy photos but check them out here)

Seen in these new photos, the newly-facelifted Audi A4 Avant is caught testing in some wintry snow and it looks much better, actually. The changes to the facelifted car are more significant than we would have originally imagined.

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While most of the car is covered in camouflage, it seems that most of the changes happen at the front. For instance, its new Singleframe grille is a bit shorter and wider, more in keeping with its newer siblings, like the Audi Q8. It also gets new headlights, which no longer that little notch at the bottom of them and they look better this new way. While the current car’s face isn’t bad looking, this new one looks better.


Out back, it’s hard to tell if the taillights are any different, as there’s quite a bit of camouflage, but they don’t seem to have changed much. Maybe that’s for the better. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, right? Though, there seems to be a new exhaust design, featuring slim rectangular pipes, rather than the circular ones on the current car. Mercifully, they seem to be real and not fake plastic jobs.

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We’re excited to see the Audi A4 facelift, as it should help to keep it relevant in a segment dominated by newer cars. We’re even more excited about the idea of its interior getting a bit of a refresh. Even if the Audi A4 just replaces its MMI screen to the new Touch Response MMI, swaps its current Virtual Cockpit for the new one, and maybe gets Audi’s new steering wheel, the A4 will have one of the better cabins in its class.

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