SPIED: Audi A1 caught testing at the Nurburgring

The all-new 2019 Audi A1 has already been revealed and it looks better than ever. In fact, we think it could be the best car in its segment when it finally hits the streets. Now, we’re seeing the A1 hitting the Nurburgring wearing full camouflage. And we’re wondering why.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason to test the Audi A1 in camouflage now that it’s been revealed for some time now. Everyone already knows what the A1 looks like, so there’s no point in camouflage. Unless this is some new model variant Audi doesn’t want anyone to see.

At a quick glance, as that’s all that’s afforded in this video, this test mule doesn’t seem to be a sportier model, such as an Audi S1. The front fascia seems the same, it still sports dual exhaust at the back, no quad exhaust like on an ‘S’ car, and it doesn’t seem to have any more aggressive of an exhaust note. There’s also a bit too much lean and understeer for it to be an ‘S’ car. It does seem to have bigger, sportier wheels but that’s about it.

We also thought it could be some sort of plug-in hybrid model but we don’t see any charge port. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a hybrid it just means we don’t see one.

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Having said that, it does make us more excited for the A1. While it doesn’t seem to be the sharpest handling car, it still looks like a fun little city car. Plus, it looks good, especially on those big black wheels, and has more tech than anything else in the segment and even more than cars in more premium segments. We can’t wait to see, and drive, the Audi A1 in person. If it were available in North America, I’d seriously consider buying one.

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