SPIED: 2021 Audi Q5 Facelift caught doing some light camo testing

Among all of Audi’s recent, and upcoming, facelifts, it seems that the Audi Q5 might be the most beneficial. Not that the current Q5 is a bad looking car because it’s actually still quite nice. However, it’s just a tad boring compared to some of its more interesting rivals. After seeing this new facelift, though, the Q5 facelift, set to debut as a 2021 model, is looking quite good. (We don’t own these spy photos but see them at Motor1)

Where this facelift does the most good is on the Q5’s, well, face. Up front, the 2021 Audi Q5 will get the brand’s new signature grille, which gets a bit wider and ditches the surrounding trim. So it’s a bit more streamlined and looks cleaner, tighter than before. It also seems to get the same hexagon pattern grille insert that most newly facelifted Audis get. While it looks good, it’s very similar to what’s found on new Audi RS cars and that’s a bit annoying, as it takes away from the specialness of RS cars.

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Audi Q5 Rear for reference


Its new headlights look a bit sharper and its lower front air intakes looks sportier. We don’t know for sure but this test mule seems like an S-Line car. Out back, it gets new taillights, which might actually be similar in shape but seem to sport new lighting elements inside the housings. That, combined with a slightly new roof spoiler, and the back end is looking better on this Audi Q5 test mule. Sadly, fake exhausts still remain.

Overall, we’re pretty happy about what we’re seeing from the Audi Q5 facelift. Its updates seem as if they’ll be a bit more successful than those of the newly facelifted Q7, which might actually look worse in some ways. We can’t see the inside of the Q5 in these photos but it’s likely to get the brand’s new Touch Response MMI system, in the same way that the Audi A4 and A5 facelifts have.

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[Source: Motor1]
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