SPIED: 2020 Audi Q3 caught testing in full camo

At the moment, Audi’s stable of SUVs is actually quite impressive. Save for one, the Audi Q3. Every other high-riding Audi is very good. Everything from the little Audi Q2 all the way up to the big-boy Q7 is a great car. The upcoming Audi Q8 should be sensational as well. But the Q3? Saying it’s not very good is being kind. It’s a bit crap.

To be fair to the little Q3, it’s the oldest car in Audi’s current model lineup and is still based on the old VW Golf platform. So all of its siblings have moved on to either the MLB or MQB platform, while it’s stayed old-school. And that makes a big difference, as all of the other Audi SUVs are far more engaging and entertaining to drive, largely thanks to their chassis. So an update for the Audi Q3 is in desperate need. Thankfully, one is coming, even if it’s going to be a bit late.

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Spy photos of the upcoming Audi Q3 have recently surfaced (we don’t own them, but they can be seen here). If you’re hoping for a drastically different design, you’re going to be disappointed. This camouflaged Q3 looks incredibly similar to the current Q3 offering. Though, that’s not such a bad thing, as the current Q3 isn’t really an ugly car. It’s a bit oddly proportioned but it’s not ugly. It should get the benefit of having Audi’s new design language, though. So expect a massive grille, angular headlights and a sweeping shoulder line. It should look good when it finally comes out.

Current Audi Q3 Cabin

It should also get a similar interior to what’s offered in the Q5, albeit a smaller, less premium version. This is good news, though, as Audi’s current interior design language could be the best in the business. Although, it will be a little while until the new Q3 comes out, as it could come as late as 2020, which could date this interior design.

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This upcoming Q3 will be built on Audi’s MQB platform, the very same transverse-engine platform that underpins the Audi A3 and Q2. That means it will have transverse-mounted four-cylinder engines, both petrol and diesel, and possibly even Audi’s three-pot motor in base models in Europe. There could also be a plug-in hybrid variant in the future, as Audi seems to be pushing for EVs as of late.

Of all Audi’s current models, the Q3 is the most desperate for an upgrade. So let’s hope the folks in Ingolstadt are as anxious to improve it as we are.

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